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King-sized Bed (flash fiction)

Friday Flash

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Story originally published on This Side…Over Yonderrated PG-13, by my ratings.

King-sized Bed, by Deanna Schrayer

In flannel pajamas and wool socks she laid surrounded by pillows: two over-sized and two pillows feathered, clutching a fifth – Body Pillow they call it – as if it were a life preserver. One quilt for each of the four years he’d been gone shrouded every inch of her skin. Still, she felt no warmth. Should the thickest quilts and fluffiest pillows be layered ten-fold upon her withering body, it could never be enough.  

Somewhere in her addled brain she recalled hearing that, to keep from freezing to death, you should strip naked and share body heat. But her body was the only one in this king-sized bed, the absence on the other side all she felt.


Reader comments:

  • Aw, so sad! Nice details and description.

  • I could feel the loneliness. She needs to get a full-size bed and let go.

  • So sad! Lovely description of the loneliness.

  • This was so touching. 

  • Beautifully sad. Well done.

  • Any time the sensory feedback loop breaks down, I get terrified. And so here too. Very effective.

  • This was really sad but it’s amazing how much you packed into so few words!

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