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Why do I write? There are stories to be told…

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There are stories to be told – Why I write, by Roslyn Fain

Any writer who has been working at the craft for some time will tell you the reason(s) they write are not set in stone. They change with the passage of time, with new experiences, with life itself. I am no different.

Yes, I write because I must, because I would be lost if I didn’t. But I write for many reasons beyond that standard of every writer.

I write because: If we don’t pass the stories on to the next generation, where will they go? Too many of us have stories in our hearts that we’re protective of, ashamed of, scared to death to tell anyone. So, we keep them locked inside our hearts where they set and fester, eventually shriveling up and dying along with our bodies. I write because the people who are brave enough to tell us these stories tell us for a reason – they want to be heard, they don’t want those stories to die, they want them to live on. And it is my job to listen carefully and put pen to paper.

God has given me not only the ability to write, but also the excitement, the satisfaction I feel when writing. He has granted me a talent that He expects me to do something with. There may be only one person who reads one of my stories and thinks about it in relation to their own life, one person who makes a positive change in their life because my story caused them to look at things in a different light. But one person is worth all the words I could ever put to paper, and that’s reason enough for me to keep on writing. And so I will.

Roslyn Fain


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