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TTW CopyrightAll rights reserved by Roslyn Fain (Deanna Schrayer)

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this blog under the following conditions:

Acknowledgement:  You must attribute the content you’ve used by prominently displaying a credit link back to the specific page on https://roslynfain.wordpress.com/. The credit link should point directly to the blog/story page, not wordpress.com’s, or wordpress.org’s homepage. It must also include my name, Roslyn Fain, as the author.

Usage Limit:  You are not allowed to republish an ENTIRE article, story, or blog post on your website or print publication, even if acknowledgement is made. Only excerpts of 200 words or less from each blog/story can be published elsewhere. An acknowledgement link to the specific blog/story must still be included when you use an excerpt. Posts with less than 200 words may not be excerpted without permission.

Noncommercial Usage:  You may not use any work on this site for commercial purposes. If you want to publish a story or blog on your website, or in a print publication, please email me at roslynfain@yahoo.com for permission and rates. Written permission must be granted and in your possession before any work on this site may be used elsewhere. Roslyn Fain (Deanna Schrayer) reserves all rights to the content on https://roslynfain.wordpress.com/.  

Appropriate action will be taken against those that violate these terms of usage.

Thank you for respecting the copyright of Roslyn Fain’s blog site, https://roslynfain.wordpress.com/.

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