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Some of you know me as Deanna Schrayer, a short fiction and creative nonfiction writer. Writing as Roslyn Fain, my stories, and my voice, are no different; it just came time to employ a pen name. For those of you who have just arrived, welcome! And for those of you who know my work, thanks for coming back!

The Tale Well: Stories by Roslyn Fain is all short fiction, from literary to horror and many in-between. I have been part of the Friday Flash group (as Deanna Schrayer) since its inception in 2009. I write from my home in the beautiful mountains of southwest Virginia. My work has been published (as Deanna Schrayer) in anthologies, Arts and Letters publications, and several online venues. 

Click here to learn why I write: because there are stories to be told. Click here to visit my nonfiction site (which still has some fiction posts) This Side….Over Yonder. 

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